FAQs and Configure It

Frequently Asked Questions and other help on your FindIT device.

Connectivity Issues

Your device must support Bluetooth LE and Bluetooth must be ON in your device settings
Open the App for your Platform
Click the CIRCLE in the top left of the app to Refresh your apps page and look for new devices

Can't Find the Device

The FindIT device is a Bluetech electronic teather that keeps your mobile device and the FindIT together.

You can keep track of your mobile device and the FindIT as soon as they are connected.

From the FindIT device you can Ring your phone and from your phone you can find your FindIT device.

Both devices - your phone and your FindIT will ring automatically when they are separated by more than 75'

Device Disconnects

Open the package and remove the included battery and install.

Install the battery: Rotate the back 90 degrees clockwise with a nickle or dime and detach the battery cover from the back of the FindIT.
Insert the CR2032 into the battery slot in the arrow’s direction, press it until a slight click the + of the battery should be facing you (+ on top)
Put the battery cover back on by rotating half a turn counter-clockwise

How to Close or Kill the App from running in the background

Step 1

Please search and download the FindIT app in either the iTunes App Store or the Google Play for Android device. Your Android Device must support Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy.

Step 2

Turn BLUETECH on for your device. Go to "Settings" then "General" on your mobile device and make sure that Bluetech is ON or Enabled.

Step 3

Press the left button on the device (●) and hold for 3 seconds to pair your FindIT with the app. When your FindIT is found a pop up will appear in the app displaying "Connected Successfully"

Step 4

Name your device, click on the Configuration Icon on the bottom, then click on the FindIT icon in the top left - a pop up should appear asking you to Name your FindIT, enter a name and click OK.

What does the "Delete Device Do"

1. Make the FindIT alarm sound

From the App Main Screen, click the FINDIT Button. The alarm on the FindIT will sound. Click the left button on the FIndIT to turn off the sound, or Click the MUTE
button in the App.

2. Make Your Phone Alarm Sound.

From the FindIT, click and hold both FindIT buttons for at least 3 seconds, the FindIT app on your phone will ring the sound you selected on configuration.

3. In/Out of Range Alert

If the FindIT device and your mobile phone get seperated by more than 75' then both the FindIT and your mobile phone will sound an alarm.
When your mobile phone and FindIT are back in range the find it and mobile phone will beep on automatic reconnection.

4. Trigger FindIT from your Mobile Device

Tap "Find me" in FINDIT APP in paired status.
Your FindIT will alarm and the Red LED light will flash.
Click the left button on the FindIT to turn off the alarm.
Clicking the MUTE button in the FindIT app will turn off the alarm.

5. Trigger Mobile Device from FindIT (Apple or Android device)

Short Alarm on Phone: Press both buttons on the FindIT device for 1 second. Your mobile device will ring short alarm.
Loud Alarm:Press and hold both buttons on the FindIT device for at least 3 seconds will trigger the Loud Alarm on your mobile device.