Keep track of your stuff

Introducing FindIT, track and locate anything in seconds using your iPhone or Android.

The wireless coin-sized FindIT device attaches to commonly misplaced items. Using our iPhone or Android FindIT app, you can quickly locate your lost or misplaced items in seconds by causing the item to ring. FindIT can even ring your phone!

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Distance Indicator
FindIT displays the distance between yourself and your items. Finding keys has never been easier.

Phone Alert
FindIT can ring your phone if you have the FindIT device but can't find your phone

FindIT Alert
If you have your phone but can't find what you have the FindIT on (for example your keys, gym bag, briefcase etc. you can Ring the FindIT

Geo Fencing
Using the FindIT you can set a Geo Fence and the FindIT will alarm

Never Lost
FindIT will sound an alarm when your FindIT and phone get disconnected

Security Alarm
Put the FindIT on your property and if it breaks your geo fence the alarm sounds

Your Pets
Put FindIT on your pets collar, if your pet leaves your property the Alarm will go off and get your pet to get back on your property

Many other uses
FindIT is a great teather to help you keep track of and find anything! how will you use FindIT?

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